About me

For as long as I can remember I have been a big fan of gaming. From spending way too much time with Super Mario Bros. and Metroid as a kid, to even working in the gaming industry for a few years. Some years ago my career path led me out of the gaming industry, but that has only made me spend even more of my spare time with games as a hobby.

I’m 30+ years old and when I don’t try to speedrun old retro games (quite badly one might add), or play newer multiplayer games with friends, I often find myself keeping track of the latest in the esports industry, primarily the CS:GO world. I also spend quite a lot of time watching other speedrunners on Twitch, and I have to say that finding the retro community has been a blessing.

Except for that I’m just a normal Swedish guy who likes metal music and beer. I rarely stream on twitch nowadays but it happens occasionally. Since I do it for myself just to have fun and to work on my social anxiety I don’t want to force myself to play online unless I really feel like it.