How To Speedrun Defender of The Crown


Defender of The Crown on the NES is a short and very RNG heavy game. If you want to learn this run and get a good time in it, get prepared for a lot of resets. Be warned though, it is very addictive.

As a speedrun Defender of The Crown is very simple. Check out some of the top runs and try to do the same moves as fast as you can.

Please note that it is possible to finish the game quite quickly even though you don’t get the right castle in the beginning. For top times getting the wrong spawn is an instant reset however.

Timer starts the frame you choose your hero. Timer stop right after the transition to the world map after conquering the last castle.


Tips & Tricks:

  • Learn where the Princess text box usually pops up and make sure to spam the A button to skip it as soon as possible.
  • Shoot one Boulder first, and then shoot the Diseases into the gap from the first Boulder. This will save you a few frames if done correctly.
  • Sometimes the game will give you an extra input (i.e. pressing Up on the d-pad once moves you two steps upwards in the menu) and there is no way to avoid this. It’s a bit annoying but don’t let it get to your head. See it as bad luck and just go again.

Other Useful Information & Videos:

Notable Runs: